Tool Steel Characteristics and Properties

Tools can be made of a variety of carbon and alloy steels chosen for properties including: resistance to abrasion, hardness and red-hardness (resistance to deformation at high temperatures). Tool steel is frequently used in a heated state, making the preceding characteristics crucial to performance. Other differentiating factors among tooling blanks include the intended quenching method and chemical element content.

For example, water quenching processes require different steel production than oil quenching; higher carbon steel is harder, recommended for stamping dies or metal cutting tools and steel with increased amounts of vanadium or niobium is more corrosion-resistant. Tool steel is also ideal for injection-molded manufacturing systems because of its immunity to abrasion, even after hundreds of uses.

Tool steel grades are assigned according to intended use. For example, A-grades are air-hardening, characterized by a high chromium content. D-grades are also air-hardening, but with a high carbon content, making them more abrasion resistant. H-grades (including Viscount 44) are intended for use in high temperature environments. L- grades are a low alloy multipurpose tool steel. M-grades are a high speed steel, commonly used in cutting tools. O-grades are oil hardening and W-grades are water-hardening, leading to differences in product hardness. Lastly, S-grades are shock-resistant, ideal for battering tools such as jackhammers.

Tool blanks are shaped using a specific combination of heating and cooling procedures which determine the future strength and success of the tool, this is where water vs oil quenching becomes important. Alro Steel manufactures its tool steel with a carbon content between 0.7% and 1.5%, often keeping manganese content low to avoid cracks during water quenching. They also stock tool steel plate (grades A2, A6, D5 and DC-53) and bar (choice of square, round or flat in a wide variety of grades), making them a ‘one-stop shop’ for tool-making needs.

Connected Supply Chain Lets Enterprises Respond Quickly

For over 15 years, enterprises have harnessed the benefits of Covisint’s cloud platform to provide secure connectivity and innovation for their business needs. The Covisint platform enables enterprises to take full advantage of rapid globalization through secure integration with critical supply chain partners – connecting disparate processes and diverse technology – allowing supply chain activities to flow seamlessly.
Advancements in manufacturing techniques, operating models, and material science come with great opportunity, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to collaborate. Flexibility, scalability and operational transparency are more important than ever in this new era of complexity.
The Covisint connected supply chain enables the enterprise to respond quickly to changes in the ecosystem with comprehensive, secure tracking of value chain initiatives and provides real-time insight into the status of “moving inventory warehouses”. When disruptions occur, companies are better equipped with the decision support needed to make optimal logistic choices.
Covisint’s platform allows for rapid, secure, and flexible integration that insulates companies from the cost and complexity of changing document types, formats, communication protocols, network connections, and system integration needs.
Providing a solution for companies regardless of size or technology, Covisint offers machine-to-machine options, managed file transfer, WebEDI and .csv document-to-EDI options. In addition, Covisint uses state-of-the-art mapping, routing, translation and network interconnectivity to streamline processes and drive real-time, secure, reliable B2B messaging.

Ordering Metals Online Made Simple

These days, people don’t need to leave their houses or businesses anymore in order to get what they need. That’s not only true for consumer goods such as books, shoes, and groceries, but also for industrial materials such as metals. All you have to do is go to Alro and find what you need and have your orders shipped to your doorstep. Ordering metals online is a very efficient and convenient way to get the materials you need in a timely manner, especially since Alro has 60 locations in 12 states and a next day delivery option. They can also cut the metal to your specifications. With hundreds of metals and steels and thousands of grades and shapes, they should always have what you need. If you don’t find something that you are looking for give them a call and they will assist you in finding it or recommend something different that might be a better fit.

Customizing Engineering Solutions in the Telecom Industry

Engineering services are important for any industry, but it’s especially important for the telecommunications industry. Companies within this industry must have the most updated solutions to stay competitive. Teltech engineering services provide companies with a wide variety of solutions in multiple areas, such as strategic planning, engineering, construction, system testing, performance monitoring, and logistics for wireless and broadband technologies. The company also offers industry leading supply and asset management, refurbishment, recycling, logistics services as well as full-service consignment sales of used telecom equipment. Teltech was founded in 1999 and today has warehouse locations in 5 states with main offices in Colorado and Texas. The company creates engineering solutions for clients worldwide.



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