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Customizing Engineering Solutions in the Telecom Industry

Engineering services are important for any industry, but it’s especially important for the telecommunications industry. Companies within this industry must have the most updated solutions to stay competitive. Teltech engineering services provide companies with a wide variety of solutions in multiple areas, such as strategic planning, engineering, construction, system testing, performance monitoring, and logistics for wireless and broadband technologies. The company also offers industry leading supply and asset management, refurbishment, recycling, logistics services as well as full-service consignment sales of used telecom equipment. Teltech was founded in 1999 and today has warehouse locations in 5 states with main offices in Colorado and Texas. The company creates engineering solutions for clients worldwide.

Mobile Analytics Provide Key Insights

With the rise of mobile applications, organizations depend on mobile analytics to accurately track and analyze how various applications are being used and what results they deliver. KidoZen mobile analytics makes tracking data for an organization’s entire enterprise mobile infrastructure as well as for individual applications simple. It allows analysts to see how the applications are utilized, and provides information about the device, operating system and carrier. Furthermore, they can identify problem applications through log crashing and extensible logging APIs. With the help of this data, organizations can make informed decisions to continuously improve their mobile application strategy.

Why do we need IT Governance?

On the surface of it, it seems like IT Governance is a lot of trouble for no tangible return. Yet, if we really take the time to think about IT 8it, a business runs on information. The decision-makers in the company rely on the data collected, and the information generated by the information systems to make their decisions. An informa­tion system that delivers timely and accurate information is an invaluable asset to any company.

And yet, how many companies really have a proper IT policy? Many companies think an information system is a sort of “fire and forget” system — that it can be installed and then left alone to work. Like all systems, however, it will suffer from decay over time. Software becomes obsolete, hardware ages and suffers from wear and tear, and even processes become old and inefficient as new (and more efficient) ways of doing things are discovered. Proper processes need to be in place to ensure that obsolete software is prop­erly disposed of, and hardware stripped and securely disposed.

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What is IT Governance?

When we talk about IT governance, we’re basically talking about three things: Data Management, Asset Management and PeopleIT 1Manage­ment. Data are the building blocks from which information can be derived. Because of this, it’s impor­tant to have a framework that deter­mines who has access to what data. It is of supreme importance to a company that they should be able to control the flow of information, to determine where it comes from, where it goes, and who it goes to. According to Weill and Ross, IT governance is “Specifying the decision rights and accountability framework to encourage desirable behavior in the use of IT.”

It’s important to note that “desirable behavior” is mentioned here. Data management concerns itself with “encouraging desirable behavior”. In the case of data management, this means “desirable behavior of data”. What happens when data leaves a server? How do we track and monitor the flow of the data, where it goes, and where it stops? These questions need to be answered. Answering these questions is what makes for proper data management. The people and processes that are put into place to analyze the flow of data, and to alert the correct people should anything seem out of the ordinary, this is what makes data management invaluable to the average business.

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