Heavy-Duty Industrial Caster Wheels

Unlike the other forms of casters, industrial casters are heavy duty and designed to carry large loads, which in some cases can be up to thirty thousand tons. Industrial casters are used on items such as flat-top plates, dolly carts, assembly turntables, heavy duty storage racks, holding bins, tow lines, maintenance equipment, and many more.
Industrial casters come in many different wheel molds consisting of cast iron, polyurethane, the user specific v-groove, and lastly, the flanged wheel. Not only are there multiple caster wheel types, but also industrial casters have many different bearing types. The most common bearing types are rolling bearings, precision ball bearings, and lastly, tapered bearings.
The industrial caster is very minimal compared to the swivel or braking and locking caster. Despite this though, these casters are very heavy duty. Braking and locking casters, as well as swivel casters are more likely to receive caster flutter, which is a wobble that can be highly inconvenient for the operator.
Caster Concepts offers several different types of industrial caster wheels, some of which can carry up to thirty five thousand tons. These industrial casters come in standard and custom-made sizes and can be made in small and large quantities.

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