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I would like share the Ninja Sales MASTER Strategy to all my reader.NinjaGaiden (18)

MASTER is an acronym for:

M:eet People (preparation, prospecting, positioning)

A:sk Questions (probing/interviewing/ needs analysis/investigating)

S:ell Benefits (presentation and persuasion)

T:ackle Objections (objection handling and negotiation)

E:ncourage to Buy (closing)

R:elationship Building (follow-up and service)

There are two things to MASTER in S:elling benefits – design and delivery. Design is the structure of the presentation. Delivery is the skill to persuade the buyer to buy.

Here’s the design structure of a presentation:firearms-salesman-1

Opening: how to start the presentation.

Agenda: what you want to present.

Client Needs Check: alignment between seller and buyer.

Body of Presentation: the content you want delivered.

Summary: simplifying your entire presentation.

Q&A: handling questions buyers may have.

Closing: asking for commitment.

Here are the delivery skills of a presentation:

Power: how to influence the buyers.

Rapport: connecting with different people.

Questioning: getting feedback or answering buyers.

Listening/observing:  understanding what is going on.

Positioning: differentiating your ideas, products and services.

Checking: getting understanding throughout the presentation.

Objections: eliminating resistance or concerns.

Because it takes 3 days to cover all the above, I’ll give you examples on how to open your presentation so you don’t sound like your competitors. By the way, with little differentiation in your products and services, the ‘big’ differentiation needs to come from the seller’s value in the selling process. And it’s the little things that will make a big difference – like the opener.


I’m going to share 5 secrets from my sales ninja training. Rather than begin your sales presentation with the typical company profile, you can begin by:

A) Role-playing

You can create a scenario where the buyer is facing a certain problem. You can either role-play it yourself or get a partner. For example, let’s say you sell phone systems that record messages, you do something like “can I speak to John please?”, the call is transferred, you then make the waiting tone “toot toot X 5 times”, then the receptionist picks up the call again, and you repeat the process. So you act out the problem buyers’ face rather than just tell it to them. See how it spices up your presentation?

B) Word-plays

Words can be used to get attention. It can be done through words that rhyme or quotes from famous people. For me it will be: “Mind-blowing, Practical, Very unconventional! These are what participants say in the recent sales ninja training.” If you sell some kind of operation systems improvement software, you can quote “Organizations fail not because of people, but because of systems – said by the father of quality management Edwards Deming.”

C) Questions

Starting with a question engages your buyer to listen to you. You can start with… What if…? If you could… Imagine… Have you ever…? Do you want…? For example… “What if… you and your engineers could rely on equipment that would last minimum 3 years without any breakdowns? What if… you could easily maintain this equipment without worrying it will cost you a bomb? What if… you could install it in less than four hours?”


D) Props

Most people love props because they are tangible and visual. Make sure the props have significant meaning to your presentation and not merely for entertainment. Remember the old days of unbreakable glass? The seller hits his glass with a hammer then passes the hammer to the buyer and say… you try. That’s great use of props.

E) Stories

Once a upon a time… Everyone loves stories. It puts the audience in a world of sensory impressions and lowers the resistance of the logical mind because stories speak to the emotion mind. Great leaders, politicians, religious gurus and sales people are great story tellers. You can use generic stories or specially designed stories. You must master storytelling skills.

MASTER S:elling Benefits and you will hypnotize your buyers to buy from you.

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