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How To Train Your HR Management Team?

In order to achieve the constant support which the change-agents need, there is a need for more training for supervisors and projectbusiness officers-training appropriate to their proper role of resource persons working alongside their development workers and instructors.

Those concerned with programmes of ‘staff development’ have identified two main models: a ‘developmental’ (bottom-up and problem-solving) model and a ‘deficit’ (top-down, input-based) model. The former is more concerned with the needs of the person, the latter with the needs of the organization he or she serves. Much the same is true of the train­ing of supervisors. They may be molded to fit the needs of the programme and the agency, or they may be made innovative and free to exercise judgment in the fulfillment of their role of helper of change-agents.

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What Is The Key Element In Promoting Plan?

Key elements that are critical for the success of change in a program may be promoted through planned change and involves the organization-designfollowing strategies: developing the needs for change, zeroing on change problem, establishing goals and intention of action, committing to action, and stabilizing the change

1. Development of a Need for Change

In order for change to occur, the potential client usually experiences problems that create tension within the system. To trigger the change, the client system must be brought into the state of problem awareness. Once the client is aware of the problem, they can be motivated to desire a change and recognize the need to seek outside help.

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What Is The Role Of HR Manager?

Organizations are facing gloomy times. The financial crises, recessions, and economic depressions are not new phenomena, but their youarefiredoccurrence is definitely a cause for great concern among many. This is because no matter how well we study the history of downturns such as these, dealing with them when they do happen again is still just as difficult. Most organizations will wonder, for instance, how to control recession effects on human resource performance, and employee performance in general.

For the most part, this would fall to the efforts of the human resource department. In fact, the human resource depart­ment would probably need to handle the most important part of the recession coping strategies, but have the human resource department informed the employees that we are in recession or are they in denial. Only when the organi­zation faces reality and informs the employees on what is going on systemati­cally, the employees will know how to adapt to such crisis.

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