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Connected Supply Chain Lets Enterprises Respond Quickly

For over 15 years, enterprises have harnessed the benefits of Covisint’s cloud platform to provide secure connectivity and innovation for their business needs. The Covisint platform enables enterprises to take full advantage of rapid globalization through secure integration with critical supply chain partners – connecting disparate processes and diverse technology – allowing supply chain activities to flow seamlessly.
Advancements in manufacturing techniques, operating models, and material science come with great opportunity, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to collaborate. Flexibility, scalability and operational transparency are more important than ever in this new era of complexity.
The Covisint connected supply chain enables the enterprise to respond quickly to changes in the ecosystem with comprehensive, secure tracking of value chain initiatives and provides real-time insight into the status of “moving inventory warehouses”. When disruptions occur, companies are better equipped with the decision support needed to make optimal logistic choices.
Covisint’s platform allows for rapid, secure, and flexible integration that insulates companies from the cost and complexity of changing document types, formats, communication protocols, network connections, and system integration needs.
Providing a solution for companies regardless of size or technology, Covisint offers machine-to-machine options, managed file transfer, WebEDI and .csv document-to-EDI options. In addition, Covisint uses state-of-the-art mapping, routing, translation and network interconnectivity to streamline processes and drive real-time, secure, reliable B2B messaging.



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